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Regain, maintain
and attain musculoskeletal health

We can assist with the following
The Spine
Hands & Wrists
Neck & head
Legs & Knees
Arms & Elbows
 South Eeast Chiropractic: Brisbane chiropractor explains spinal issue to patient

What Problems does Chiropractic address ?

Chiropractors are trained to manage a broad range of neuromusculo skeletal presentations and are equipped with a broad range of approaches to appropriately treat and manage such conditions in the general population. The most common presentations are for: headaches, neck pain, neck and shoulder pain and the long term affects of whiplash injuries, postural fatigue, low back pain and spinal disc conditions.

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 South East Chiropractic: Sports massage at Victoria Point Chiropracticl therapist massaging leg of male athelete

Massage Therapy available at Victoria Point

Massage can be recommended for athletes, office workers, students, labourers and all age groups from infants to the elderly. Massage specialises in addressing soft tissue problems caused by injury, poor posture and the effects of stressful lifestyles or events.

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