South East Chiropractic: man in chiropractic appointment in Brisbane South East Chiropractic: man in chiropractic appointment in Brisbane

What to expect from your chiropractic appointment

Most people see a chiropractor for one of two reasons:

  1. They have a problem that is causing pain, discomfort or dysfunction that they believe may be helped by a chiropractor
  2. They are fit and well and understand the importance of good spinal function in the maintenance of health.

Initial Consultation or Consultation for a patient returning after an absence of twelve months

Duration of visit

Approximately 40 to 45 minutes.

On arrival

A receptionist will ask you to complete a pre-consultation health history questionnaire to enable a chiropractor to evaluate your current and previous health status.


After completing the health history questionnaire you will be shown to a consultation room. A chiropractor will review your file. The chiropractor will then discuss areas of concern with you and may ask questions that focus on issues raised in your pre-consultation history.


A chiropractor will perform a series of tests and examinations to determine the cause of your problems, and whether your problems will benefit from chiropractic care. The chiropractor may need some time to correlate all the findings before any treatment and recommendations for care are given.

You may be referred to another professional for opinion before treatment commences. Radiological examination (X-rays) could be one such referral. Spinal X-rays may be bulk-billed to Medicare.

X-rays may be recommended by a Chiropractor after the examination and before your next appointment for three main reasons:

  • to assist in determining whether your spine is structurally sound, or whether there is any pathology (disease process) present that may affect or hinder your response to chiropractic
  • to gain information on the function of your spine
  • to identify any variation in your individual anatomy of the joints and skeletal structure that will assist your chiropractor in providing you with the most appropriate care

Before treatment you and a chiropractor will discuss consent. You will be asked to sign a consent form based on information presented by a chiropractor and outlined in the consent form.

Report of Findings


The Report of Findings is approximately 30 minutes in duration and usually occurs at your second or third visit.


This report will include explanation of your physical and X-ray findings (if applicable); recommendations and suggestions to assist with your care. It can be advantageous to have company at this appointment to help you and those closest to you understand your particular needs. With consent and if required, treatment will be offered at this visit.

In some cases, health issues may be uncovered that need to be addressed by you, or by another health professional. We regularly work with health professionals from a range of disciplines as we do not believe that we have all the answers to all problems. We will assist you in prioritising your health care, and in seeking the best help at that time.

Subsequent Visits


The duration of Subsequent visits may vary depending on your individual needs at the time.

Remember, diagnosis can never be made until a complete examination is performed, however if you’re suffering from the most common afflictions that may be the result of poor spinal health, you may enjoy results from chiropractic.

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