South East Chiropractic: backpain due to misaligned spine. South East Chiropractic: backpain due to misaligned spine.


What is back pain?

Back problems can be caused by an extraordinarily wide range of problems, some of them originating elsewhere in the body, but with pain being transmitted (referred) to areas of the back by the nervous system. Back pain is one of the most common reasons people seek professional health care attention. It is the symptom that prompts many patients to attend a chiropractor. The majority of backache sufferers complain of pain in the lower back. The second most common site of discomfort is the base of the neck.

Who suffers from back pain?

Virtually all human beings are subject to back problems at some time in their life. The way we work, sit and interact with our environment are critical factors in the development of back pain in modern man. Sitting in particular puts significant strain on the structures of the lower back. Prolonged sitting also robs us of abdominal muscle strength leading to weakness in the core muscles of the lower body. Over time, back pain is all but inevitable, however, most of it is treatable and when detected early is often correctable.

What can chiropractic do?

Chiropractors concern themselves with the function of the human frame, particularly the spine, and its effects on the rest of the body via the nervous system.

Whether your problem is new or old, the goal of a chiropractor will be to re-establish the joint function of your spine to as near to normal as possible.

There are times when a particular joint is beyond help. However, we find clinically that helping the other joints around such a problem assists patients to maintain a higher level of function.

As a general rule the earlier the intervention the easier a problem is to solve. The chiropractor may also need your help in changing poor habits; exercising specific muscle groups or performing general exercise, addressing postural concerns.

Chiropractors draw upon a wealth of knowledge and experience when treating and preventing back pain and back injuries. Spinal mobilisation/adjusting techniques have been utilised over many centuries. Chiropractors have developed a range of techniques over the last century to suit a very broad range of patients and presentations.

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