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January 13, 2017

BACK TO SCHOOL (By Gareth Hood: Chiropractor at Victoria Point Chiropractic)

It’s that time of year when the little ones are starting to complain they are bored, but also complain about going back to school. New shoes, uniforms, books, pens and pencils all need to be purchased. And let’s not forget the item that carries all this equipment, ‘the school bag’. From a chiropractor’s perspective, the school bag is an extremely important purchase. Selecting an appropriate bag for the size of the child is a factor that needs to be considered. Next, the supportive structures of the bag need to be addressed. Look at the straps to ensure they go over the shoulders and evenly distribute the weight of the bag. The bag should be snuggly fitting and comfortable.

But even the perfect-fitting bag can cause problems if the person wearing it has a faulty posture. Slumping with a school bag can greatly increase the load going through structures such as the discs in both the neck and lower back. Thus, adapting a tall posture can greatly improve the functioning of the spine and assist in distributing the weight throughout the body.

Unfortunately, these days a holiday for children doesn’t necessarily mean running around outside and keeping active. The ‘iPosture’ is becoming more apparent with children using mobile phones, tablets, computers and gaming consoles more and more. Thus, before a child starts their new year of school, it is always recommended to have their spine assessed.

To assist families, our clinics offer a Complimentary Spinal Check to the children of clients.  No treatment is given during these checks and no fee is charged, however, advice may be offered relating to issues such as the following:

  • Preventative and / or corrective care
  • Selection and fitting of back-packs, pillows and mattresses
  • Exercises designed to promote good posture and spinal health

Families may also be eligible for our Family Fee when three or more members are scheduled for care. Other conditions do apply, so please ask for more information about our fee for families and Complimentary Spinal Checks.

We wish you and your family a healthy and happy 2017

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