Easy Ways To Make Walking Part Of Your Daily Routine Easy Ways To Make Walking Part Of Your Daily Routine

Easy Ways To Make Walking Part Of Your Daily Routine

March 11, 2020

By Leonie Schooling: Chiropractor Victoria Point Chiropractic

According to the Heart Foundation, just 30 minutes of brisk walking a day can increase your heart and lung fitness and reduce your risk of heart disease. It also increases muscle strength and endurance, creates a better posture and improves your spinal health.

Walking is the perfect low impact exercise that can easily fit into your busy schedule. Here are a few tips from the Chiropractic Association of Australia (ACA) on how to make it part of your daily routine:

  • Morning: Starting your day off with a walk is a great way to get your exercise done and dusted early.
  • In transit: Park a little further away from your destination and enjoy a brisk stroll. You can split your 30 minutes up between going to and coming from work if you can’t do it all in one go.
  • Lunch time:Everyone deserves a break! Commit to not working through lunch or sitting down the whole time and go for a midday walk. It’s a great way to get some fresh air and recharge for the rest of the day. Boost motivation by asking a colleague to join you and plan to head out together.
  • Afternoon/Night: A 30 minute walk can help you relax into the evening. Use a walk to catch up with family and friends and simultaneously experience the benefits of exercise.

For those who enjoy technology, the ACA has developed an app to help you track the progress of your walks, and when you are ready, can help you find walking events near you. Go to ‘Google play’ or ‘Apple App Store’ and download: JUST START WALKING

There are many ways to incorporate walking into your day. It’s simply a matter of finding what works for you, sticking to it, and creating the habit of putting your health first.

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