Lower Back Pain and Travelling Lower Back Pain and Travelling

Lower Back Pain and Travelling

October 26, 2018

By: Chiropractor Nathan Reynolds from Victoria Point Chiropractic

Christmas holidays are fast approaching and lots of people are getting ready to travel. Unknown to many, sitting incorrectly, especially in a car or plane can be a common cause of lower back pain. Many people tend to sit with the lower and upper back ‘slumped’ so that the spine makes a single curve in a ‘C’ shape instead of three alternating curves. This slumped ‘C’ shaped seated posture can put a lot of strain across the lumbosacral spine, its associated ligaments, muscles, tendons and may lead to tissue damage.

Correct sitting posture and understanding the postural ergonomics of sitting can be a powerful tool in combating lower back pain so try the following:

  1. Lift your chest to decrease the increased thoracic (mid back) curve and decompress the load over the lumbar spine (lower back).
  2. Tilt the pelvis gently forward until you create a neutral curve in the lumbar spine. However, do not over extend the lower back.
  3. Once you have lifted your chest and tilted  your pelvis forwards gently draw in your belly button to add stabilisation to you lower back.

The steps outlined above may seem like a challenge to hold for a prolonged period when travelling in a car or plane, but all are achievable with practice. To further decrease the load over the spine you can apply the steps with your seat slightly reclined. You don’t have to be vertical.

There are many intricate positioning techniques for the body that can be applied to correct sitting ergonomics. Speak with your chiropractor if you would like an assessment and a more tailored prescription.

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