Regular and Rehabilitative Exercise with Chiropractic Regular and Rehabilitative Exercise with Chiropractic

Regular and Rehabilitative Exercise with Chiropractic

May 1, 2024

By: Victoria Point Chiropractic

Regular exercise is recommended as a preventative health measure to assist optimal functioning of the body. It is essential for everyone, regardless of age.

Chiropractors encourage regular exercise as a way of maintaining flexibility, mobility and stability. Appropriate regular exercise is mentally and physically stimulating, can assist the immune system to fight illness and in combination with a healthy diet is beneficial in the management of weight.

Muscles require strength to protect joints and to assist the movement of bones required for everyday activity such as walking and lifting. Regular exercise strengthens muscles and bones and is regarded as one of the most affordable therapeutic treatments for back pain and other musculoskeletal conditions.

As exercise is essential to assist the prevention and management of musculoskeletal conditions, it is important to talk with your chiropractor about your personal exercise activities. Some exercises might be jarring on the joints you are looking to protect, stabilise and / or heal.

Your regular exercise plan may need to be modified or replaced with rehabilitative exercise if symptoms of discomfort and / or injury present, such as aches and pains from muscles and joints. These symptoms suggest that perhaps your spine is not functioning at its optimal level.

Receive regular chiropractic checkups and discuss exercise with your chiropractor so together a plan can be formulated to care for your spine.

Benefits of Regular Exercise:

  1. Assists maintenance of healthy weight
  2. Helps to combat some serious conditions and diseases
  3. Improves mood
  4. Boosts energy
  5. Promotes better sleep
  6. Can be FUN!



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