Schedule of Care Schedule of Care

Schedule of Care

March 25, 2024

By: Victoria Point Chiropractic

What is a Schedule of Care?

It is an estimate, based on previous experience and research of how much treatment over a specified period of time will be required to correct or improve the cause of spinal problems. Early in chiropractic treatment, adjustments often need to be frequent and close together to address long standing patterns that have developed over the years. Progress during this time can be rapid and encouraging but may also be slow and frustrating.

Chiropractors do not eliminate pain directly. They improve ailments by attending to the cause of pain.

 Why do I need a Schedule of Care? Adjust me and I’ll be fixed!

The vast majority of people initially attend and receive chiropractic treatment for problems causing them pain or dysfunction. Headaches, neck stiffness, muscle weakness, back pain are a few of the most common symptoms experienced.

Unfortunately, in many cases, pain is the very last ‘alarm-bell’ the body has to inform us that something is amiss. The cause of pain has often been a snowballing process for many years, if not decades.  It cannot be alleviated by one or two adjustments but will require a Schedule of Care designed to achieve the best possible outcome in each individual case.

 Help us to help you

Keeping your appointments is vitally important. Remember, your chiropractor cannot correct and retrain your body in one treatment. It will take time. Missing appointments is similar to missing fitness training sessions, results slow and may retreat. Chiropractic is a team effort so take on recommendations prescribed, for example, good postural habits, strengthening exercises, stretches, remedial massage. Be sure to ask questions and pass on information relating to your health and treatment.

Most importantly, adhere to your chiropractic Schedule of Care, which has been designed to get you better, sooner.

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