Se Chiropractic Background Take a Well-Earned Rest – Relief Chiropractor (Annie Crick) Take a Well-Earned Rest – Relief Chiropractor (Annie Crick)

Take a Well-Earned Rest – Relief Chiropractor (Annie Crick)

February 28, 2019

Take a Well-Earned Rest – Relief Chiropractor (Annie Crick) South East Chiropractic: Victoria Point, Cleveland and Brisbane CBD Chiropractic

We hope you find time for some well-earned rest & recovery throughout 2019. In the short & long term, both rest and recovery time is crucial to mental & physical health & wellbeing.

Rest is when the vast majority of our body’s healing & repair occurs. You may think sleep is just mentally checking-out for the day but it’s when our body activates a complicated process of tissue growth & repair.  Muscles relax, blood pressure & heart rate drop, important hormones are released & balanced & our brain files all the learning & experiences from that day into our long-term memory.

Recovery time is when we give our bodies & minds a break from the activity, often repetitive activity, that we put ourselves through on a regular, even daily basis. Allowing time for our bodies & minds to do something different can help us to: balance physical asymmetry caused in our body through our repetitive work patterns; break bad habits; see life with fresh perspective and restore our energy & enthusiasm for what we do every day.

To ensure our chiropractors at Victoria Point, Cleveland and Brisbane CBD are practicing what they teach, we have invited a relief chiropractor to provide them with rest and recovery time. A relief chiropractor is one who chooses to care for the clients of other chiropractors. Their aim is to offer a treatment service as close as possible to the treatment you would experience with your usual chiropractor.

Annie Crick, (photo attached) has been a chiropractor in the Bayside area for over 20 years & decided to become the answer to the dilemma she was experiencing of “who will look after patients if I need some rest & recovery time”. Annie has visited all three practice locations, spending time with chiropractors & learning how each delivers health care to their patients. She commences as a relief chiropractor at Victoria Point Chiropractic during February 2019.

We welcome Annie who will allow our chiropractors the rest & recovery time to be at their best, to care for patients. From time to time, Annie may also provide transitionary care prior to the availability of a new chiropractor.

Chiropractors & receptionists will advise the dates & times Annie will be providing relief at each location.

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