Tips to make travelling more comfortable Tips to make travelling more comfortable

Tips to make travelling more comfortable

November 9, 2020

By Jake Mead: Chiropractor Cleveland Chiropractic

It is the time of year when we pack up our tools or the things on our desks and embrace the holiday season. If you are planning trips across the city, state and maybe interstate to visit family and friends, a few simple tips can help make your journey more comfortable.

Use a travel pillow

How many times have you woken with neck pain after sleeping in a dodgy position? By using a travel neck pillow, you can minimise the time your neck will spend under tension whilst you rest your eyes.

Sit up straight

If nominated as the driver, the way you sit can have a huge impact on how you feel after many hours behind the wheel. Try positioning rear view and side mirrors so you can only see out of them when in a good driving posture. That way when you start to slouch you will know because you will not be able to see out of your mirrors. Ensure your bottom is at the back of your seat, your shoulders are in contact with the chair and your head is gently resting on the head rest.

Take breaks

Breaks from driving are recommended every two hours, and while this is a great way to stay fresh and safe, it is also a chance to give your body a rest from a lengthy period of sitting down. Passengers should also jump out of the car and shake off the travel tension.

For those of you who do suffer from pain or stiffness it may be a good idea to get yourself checked by one of our chiropractors before you undergo any long trips to help minimise the stress they can cause your body and allow you to enjoy the holiday season to its fullest.





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